January 28, 2023

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About Ipe Decking Lumber

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  Ipe decking lumber comes from the Ipe tree. This tree is one of the...


Ipe decking lumber comes from the Ipe tree. This tree is one of the largest of the Ipe family and has a wide range of colors and texture in its bark. It is very resistant to diseases and insects, which is why it’s a great wood for building decks and patios. Because of its natural resistance to such pests as pine beetles, it is a preferred material in woodworking projects.

Ipe lumber comes in several varieties, depending on what your needs are. The varieties vary in thickness and diameter, so you can choose the kind of lumber that will work best for your project. Here are some of the varieties of Ipe lumber:

Amber Ipe: This is the most common Ipe variety. It has a medium density and is best suited for edges and posts. Ipe lumber is also the most readily available, due to its low price. Amber Ipe is quite durable, though it may crack or split if exposed to too much moisture.

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Mexico Ipe: Mexico Ipe is slightly more dense than amber Ipe, but it is less dense than many other types of Ipe. In addition, it has a smoother grain pattern, making it softer to work with.

Cream Ipe: This is the densest variety of Ipe. Because of its density, it is best suited for edging and constructing classic style decks.

White Ipe: White Ipe has a slightly greater density than most other types of Ipe. It is a light, crisp, and natural-looking variety.

This type of Ipe lumber is very versatile and is used in most projects from kitchen countertopsto beams, due to its ability to be molded, stained, and customized into almost any style of design. It has a natural dark coloring that makes it easier to blend into other woods. It is ideal for many different projects.

Ipe lumber is available at most lumberyards and home improvement stores. In addition, it is also available online. Before buying it, though, make sure you do your research on each variety, so you can find the best quality, right in your local area.