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Looking For a Nigerian Restaurant in Dubai?

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You might be wondering where to go. You may have heard of Nigerian restaurants in the United Arab Emirates, such as English, Chop House Dubai, KIZA, and Bella Bite Restaurant. Chophouse Dubai However, not all of them offer authentic African cuisine. Here are some suggestions. You can also check out KIZA and Bella Bite Restaurant if you are looking for a more affordable African restaurant in Dubai.
English is a Nigerian restaurant in Dubai.

The newest addition to the Dubai dining scene is Finish. This Nigerian restaurant is a favorite of celebrities and locals alike. Its menu is full of traditional Nigerian dishes such as egusi and okro soup. You can also order Nigerian staples such as fried plantains and suya. In addition to Nigerian dishes, Enish also features delicious cocktails and drinks. A resident Dj plays trending Nigerian hits to keep the party going.

This Lagos-inspired Nigerian restaurant is a great place to take your date for some traditional Naija cuisine. A few minutes from Harvey Nichols, English is a great place to grab a bite to eat after a night of shopping. Try the African restaurant Biggy, open seven days a week.
Chop House Dubai is a Nigerian restaurant in Dubai.

Unlike the local restaurants in Abu Dhabi and London, a Nigerian restaurant in Dubai is inspired by the cuisine of North Africa. This restaurant is located in the posh Trident Bayside Tower and serves Nigerian food and Egyptian delicacies. The menu at Chop House Dubai consists of a wide range of traditional Nigerian dishes.

It offers authentic Nigerian food at affordable prices and excellent service. This restaurant is staffed by a friendly, helpful owner who makes sure your meal is served correctly. Alternatively, you can order a Nigerian meal to go and eat in your hotel. The restaurant is located on Sheikh Zayed Road in Dubai.
KIZA is a Pan-African restaurant in Dubai

KIZA is the finest Pan-African restaurant in Dubai. The menu highlights the best African fare, including Moroccan and Cape Town-inspired dishes, spicy stews from Nigeria, Jollof rice, and traditional Kenyan food. KIZA’s owner, who is from Nigeria, is passionate about changing the perception of Africa. The experience is both enjoyable and educational. KIZA is open seven days a week so that you can plan your visit around the time of your choice.

A visit to Kiza will take you on an African journey with its menu, music, and culture. The ambiance is authentically African, complete with Masai statues and paintings. KIZA is an experience unlike any other. It is located at the Emirates Financial Centre, and guests can easily reach it from the financial district.
Bella Bite Restaurant is an affordable African restaurant in Dubai.

A visit to a Nigerian restaurant in Dubai is sure to delight you. Nigerian cuisine is renowned for its unique taste and appearance. Anyone who has had the pleasure of tasting Nigerian food in another country can attest to its unique taste. Whether you want to sample Nigerian food while on vacation or indulge in Nigerian food for the first time, this Nigerian restaurant in Dubai is a perfect choice.

This Nigerian restaurant is located in the One & Only Royal Mirage and offers excellent customer service. The menu includes Nigerian delicacies, including chicken pepper soup and Oha. The restaurant also serves local dishes and has a takeout service. They can also cater to your needs for a party or other event. Besides Nigerian food, Bella Bite Restaurant also offers a range of other international cuisines.
Al Amour is a Nigerian restaurant in Dubai.

If you want to enjoy some African cuisine, you must try Al Amour, a Nigerian restaurant in Dubai. You can find traditional Nigerian dishes here and various African cocktails and local beverages. You can even get the Nigerian food home delivered to your doorstep if you don’t have time to visit the restaurant. You can also order food and beverages for delivery and catering.

The restaurant serves authentic Nigerian food and is open seven days a week from 6 am to 2 am. There is an outdoor seating area and private dining rooms for your convenience. Menu items include boerewors, oxtail potjie, and Jollof rice with chicken. Another award-winning Nigerian restaurant in Dubai is English. It serves traditional Nigerian dishes like eba and Nigeria.

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